Terms & Conditions

Below you can find our terms and conditions listed below to guide you avoid being scammed.

  • Please do not pay cash to any Macadams Sales Representative or Official.
  • All Payments must reflect the Names of Customer Schools and Location.
  • Customer Schools are encouraged to keep Good Record of their Payment Receipt/Tellers, Invoices.
  • No Salesman is Permitted to Retrieve Books From You.
  • A Payment Monitoring Team Would be Coming to Confirm Your Payments. Please Do Not Give Them Cash. They may however Retrieve our Books where Payments are not made or  where books are Unsold.

How to Order

Below you can find how to order listed below to guide you avoid being scammed.

  • Send Screenshots of preferred items to our Sales Rep. whatsapp.
  • List Specific class.
  • State location.
  • Pay into any of macadams Publishers Ltd approved bank accounts sent to you on our official whatsapp.
  • Send Proof of Payment.
  • Send Delivery Details; Name or Name of School, Address & Phone Number.
  • Confirm your order with our sales rep on whatsapp.
  • Await delivery of your order.

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